The surroundings

The medieval village of Colleveccchio (Ri) is located in Lazio, on the border with Umbria – in the middle of the romantic countryside, less than an hour’s drive from the historic center of Rome. A sleepy, typical medieval, Italian village with less than 1,500 inhabitants, where it seems as if time has stood still.

Casale ‘Regina’ is situated against the village – with beautiful views over the Sabine hills. The village is truly a small paradise if you appreciate peace, space and the beautiful landscape of Lazio and the Sabine hills; surrounded by a picturesque panoramic view of terraces with olive trees and views. All attractions of Lazio and Umbria are within a short distance. Despite the limited size of the village, the facilities are more than adequate; in the village itself you will find a supermarket (with wines, butcher, fruit & vegetables and with a daily supply of fresh bread from ‘ Il Vecchio Forno ‘), a pharmacy, a butcher, a bank with ATM, a ‘ tabaccheria ‘ and of course next to the church, the local bar on the village square.

Various restaurants can be reached within a few kilometers of Collevecchio.

de weergaloze ochtend

het dal vult zich met watten

witte wolkwatten

de struiken kwetteren je te pletter

honderdduizend vogels

boven de sabijnse heuvels

verschijnt een gloeiende pit

de zon

god bestaat

en laat dat weten

‘s ochtends

om een uur of half zes

voor de liefhebbers

(uit Kop & Schotel – Youp van ’t Hek)

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